Art by Liv

“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream”. –Vincent Van Gough




Ever since I was five years old painting next to mum on the tarpaulin in our front yard, art has been an important part of my childhood & life.  It is what I have always turned to, to make sense of life’s chaos. When I was twelve I decided that one day I would use art to make a difference, whether it be big or small.

 In the last few years my art went on the back burner as I studied expressive arts & journalism and fell in love with telling other’s stories. In 2012 I volunteered alongside an art therapist using art to help people with cognitive and physical disabilities that were otherwise unable to express themselves. This year I threw myself into my biggest challenge yet, working at a dementia home using art & music to stimulate and trigger the resident’s memories.

My own creations had stopped years ago but then I came across a story that inspired me and kick started my need to draw. I met Renee in the water surfing at Lyall Bay and soon heard of her mission to head to Africa. While writing her story, Against The Grain formed along with our new venture to support the Tanna Island WASH project through World Vision. My mission is to use my art to fundraise for our projects and use my writing to tell the story of Against The Grain – two Surfer girls that want their passions to make a difference.

Oliva Marsden



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